Fresh aloe leaves - Folia Aloes arborescentis recentia
Description Aloe arborescens (genus Aloe) is one of the representatives of the Xanthorrhoeaceae family, known to most people
Wax plugs in children: a modern view of the problem.
Sulfur plugs often occur in people of any age. It must be removed from
Enlarged liver. Symptoms and treatment of liver hepatomegaly.
Many diseases are accompanied by an increase in the size and weight of the liver. Hepatomegaly (literally “large liver”) is
The role of glatiramer acetate in the treatment of multiple sclerosis
Pharmacological properties of the drug Glatiramer acetate Acetic acid salt of synthetic polypeptides consisting of L-glutamine amino acid, L-alanine,
How to use lipoic acid for weight loss
How to use lipoic acid for weight loss. Instructions
There are several types of acids that are indispensable for the human body, which are widely used by both cosmetologists and
Acecardol: important to take for heart disease
Acecardol: important to take for heart disease
The drug has a single form of release for oral administration: white, smooth, enteric-coated tablets.
The best drugs for stroke prevention
Vasodilator drugs (peripheral vasodilators)
Diseases of the retina and choroid can occur in acute and chronic forms. To chronic diseases
Thrush in children's mouth: symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention
What is thrush? Thrush in the mouth is an inflammation of the mucous membranes caused by fungi of the genus
Phenazepam: effect, side effects and consequences of taking
The tranquilizer Phenazepam, created in the middle of the last century, has long helped cope with mental illness,
Troxevasin: will help cure vascular disorders
Troxevasin is a widely known drug for venous insufficiency and other vascular pathologies. Active
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